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Government Software Services, a leading Pennsylvania county government software development firm, offers a complete software solution for our client's tax assessment and tax collection needs. Based in Honesdale PA., we have completed numerous projects in various Pennsylvania counties, municipalities and school districts including Adams, Armstrong, Bradford, Butler, Crawford, Columbia, Cumberland, Franklin, Lackawanna, Monroe, Montour, Pike, Sullivan, Tioga, Warren, York, Wayne and Wyoming.

GSS is a diversified software developer with the ability to meet the needs of our clients on a variety of project types, including the installation and implementation of the following software packages:

  • Tax Assessment
  • Occupation / Per Capita          
  • Tax Collector
  • Tax Collection
  • Tax Claim
  • Tax Administration
  • Voter Registration          
  • County Payroll
  • Jury Listings
  • Tax Bills
  • Return And Claim Notices
  • Tax Sale Notices
  • Homestead Notices

  • Tom Theobald began business in 1984 as a small software developer in Wayne County, Pennsylvania after earning his degree in computer science from Penn State. Responding to the needs of his local county, his company designed and developed software packages for the Assessment Office, Tax Claim Bureau, Domestic Relations Office, Voter Registration Office and the Office of the Commisioners as well as a collections package for the local Tax Collectors. The company evolved over the years, and the scope of the projects broadened as well as increased in size. Today our scope of work includes not only software design, but a complete set of printing services all aimed specifically to satisfy the needs of our Pennsylvania County Government clients.

    Government Software Services recognizes that each county has its own needs that must be met. Unlike many other companies that design software for county governments, our software is flexible. Customization is our key. We work closely with our clients to make sure that our software satisfies all of our client's needs and requirements.

    Our company has a tremendous success rate of integrating our software with other packages currently installed by other vendors. Our goal is to reduce your workload by seamlessly moving data electronically from one system to another.

    Our long-standing relationship with our clients and our insistence on top-notch support has contributed to our business success. Our teamwork approach to doing business has brought us much repeat business over the years, and Government Software Services has experienced steady growth as a result.

    We look forward to working with you on your upcoming projects. We want you to be our next satisfied client.

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